I can’t say enough good things about Elegant Dance Studio. It is so much more than just a dance school where children can learn an array of dance techniques, genres, as well as compete if they wish. Elegant Dance Studio is a welcoming family environment, where they literally roll out the red carpet for you and make each student feel like family. They celebrate each student’s birthday, giving them a special crown, and taking a special birthday picture for them. They can stand in front of beautiful backdrops for the holidays, at no additional cost, and have fun parties for the students. They always have fun contests for the kids like “guess how many candy corns in the jar,” or “how many jellybeans are in the jar.”
The Studio is clean as a whistle, and meet all dance studio regulations, from keeping thermostats outside each door to ensure proper temperature, the proper flooring under each studio room, and large screen tv monitors are in the waiting room, so when the window blinds are closed, parents and guardians can still see how their children are dancing. They also have a great security system, so only parents/guardians with their special key ring can unlock the main door to enter the studio. All others must knock and be let in by the receptionist.
My daughter’s teacher, Mrs. Sandy is amazing! She truly cares for her students, and individualizes attention to each one, making them feel special, welcomed, and compliments them when they are doing a marvellous job.The director is second to none. Jackie takes such pride in her studio and ensures to mention all of these details to each of the Elegant Dance Studio Family that joins. She has worked so hard, down to the last detail, to make sure this a studio is to be nothing but proud of. I’m so excited to watch my daughter grow and flourish here as a dancer!